How is paper tape different from poly tape?

Most regular clear packing tape is known in the industry as pressure activated poly tape, or polypropylene (PP) tape. It's a popular way of sealing mailing boxes or cartons and requires pressure to adhere to a carton's surface. 

Paper tape on the other hand, requires the addition of water to activate the adhesive which forms a permanent bond with the fibres of your cardboard box.

Poly tape can be customised, however due to the flexographic printing process and plate production costs, it requires large volumes (36 rolls) to be economical.

Our custom paper tape uses a different printing process, meaning it can be customised in much smaller quantities - as little as 45 metres (1 roll).

Finally, while poly tape can be recycled, cross contamination with cardboard can cause challenges at recycling plants. Paper tape, on the other hand, is 100% recyclable at curbside, along with your cardboard box.

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