How should I care for my custom rubber stamp?

Our custom rubber stamps can last a very long time, when used gently and properly cared for. 

To maximise the life of your stamp, be sure to:

  • Store it in a cool, dry spot - away from direct sunlight and excess heat as these can weaken or warp your stamp.
  • Clean your stamp after each use with a clean damp cloth [a good quality chamois works well as it won't leave any lint on your stamp] or a no-alcohol baby wipes also work well. Don't use any harsh cleaning chemicals on your stamp as this may damage the rubber.
  • Be sure to only use reputable, high-quality water based inks with your stamp. 
  • Gentle use will help prolong the life of your stamp - pressing too heavily or rough use can damage your stamp over time.
  • If you ordered your stamp prior to June 2021, your stamp is made using a photopolymer process, and we recommend avoiding using solvent or oil based inks that these can degrade the polymer and permanently damage your stamp.
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