Can I use my stamp on fabric?

Yes, you can use your stamp on various surfaces, including fabric. There are a several factors to be aware of when stamping fabric, including:

  • The type of fabric you're planning to stamp will impact your result. Fabric is generally more porous than paper, which means you will see some level of ink bleed into the fibres of the fabric, the level of this really depends on the qualities of your fabric. 
  • Your stamp design will also impact your finished result. Stamp designs with fine detail (such as small text, fine dots, etc) may be blurred when stamping on fabric due to ink bleed (see point above). For best results on fabric, we recommend bold, simple designs. 
  • Finally, consider the ink you use to stamp fabric. Our basic ink pads work well, but are not waterproof so your print will run or fade if the fabric is washed. To make a permanent (washable) print, you can use a fabric ink such as Memento Luxe, which can be heat-set after stamping to make a permanent print.

Here's some examples from some of our customers who’ve used their stamp on fabric.

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