What types of tape dispensers or machines do you recommend?

For small volumes of carton sealing, the sponge method of applying water to paper tape is a very economical option. If you're shipping higher volumes, a tape dispenser may help speed things up. We've researched a LOT of options for paper tape dispensers, and here are the two we recommend.

1. Venhart Water Activated Tape Dispenser VH480

The VH480 Water Activated Tape Dispenser is a great entry level and affordable option for businesses shipping small to medium volumes. We use this one here at Woodruff and Co HQ! Your roll of tape simply passes over a fabric roller which applies water from a channel underneath. It has a sturdy metal body construction  a fine toothed blade for easy, and rubber feet. Designed for dispensing gummed paper tape up to 80mm wide. 

2. Better Pack 333 Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispenser

An awesome heavy duty option for medium volumes. The Better Pack 333 doesn't require any power, so you can move it around your studio/office. Choose a selection of paper lengths, crank the leaver, release and a water activated strip of paper tape comes shooting out. This is the world's most popular water activated tape dispenser for a good reason!

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