How do I top up the ink in my pre-inked stamp?

Our pre-inked stamps are easily refilled. You'll know it's time to top up your ink when your stamp consistently prints lighter [almost grey]. 

To top up your ink: 

  1. Remove the lid from your pre-inked stamp.
  2. Add 3-5 drops of Shiny Eminent Speed Ink [in the original colour of your stamp] in each channel. It's important to not use any other type of ink - it likely won't work and can permanently damage your stamp. 
  3. Replace the lid and allow some time [around 30 minutes or so] for the ink to make its way through the stamp.  
  4. Test your stamp. Large stamps or designs with lots of solid area will likely need more ink, in this case repeat steps 1-3 [it's important to do this process gradually, to avoid over-inking your stamp].

See this video for an example [watch from around 1:30 for topping up a pre-inked stamp].

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