Which type of ink pad should I choose?

We stock three types of ink pads that are designed for different purposes, so it depends on your intended purpose for the stamp. One of the benefits of a traditional hand stamp, is that you can use your stamp with all type of different inks and colours (if you're doing this, we recommend a quick clean of your stamp between inks).

Basic ink pad: a dye-based ink, made from high quality, acid-free and quick-drying archival ink. The pad is made with felt to assist with even application of ink across the stamp. Ink is smear resistant after drying, but not waterproof. This ink may bleed on highly porous surfaces such as rough cardboard. Suitable for multiple uses, provided your surface has a porous surface for the ink to dry. Standard size is suitable for stamps up to 11cm x 7cm in size, while the Extra Large is suited to larger stamps, up to 12cm x 17cm in size.

StazOn ink pad: a fast drying archival and acid free ink. Fade and water resistant, it can be used on non-porous surfaces like plastic, timber, metal, acrylic, polymer clay, coated paper, glass, terracotta and more. Not recommended for fabric. Drying time is approximately three seconds for porous surfaces and up to five minutes on non porous surfaces and varies depending on the surface and environment. Ink pad size is 7.5 x 5cm with a raised surface making it easy to ink any size stamp. 

Fabric ink pad: an acid free pigment ink best known for stamping permanently on fabric when heat-set. Also works with paper, unpainted wood, leather, unglazed pottery and more. To make your print permanent (washable), treat with a heat source like a hair dryer or iron, for at least 15 seconds on high temperature (varies by fabric type). When heat setting with an iron, place a cloth between your project and the iron. Drying time varies based on the surface and environment. Ink pad size is 7.5 x 4.5cm with a raised surface making it suitable to ink any size stamp. 

We offer a small range of colours in our basic ink pad, and black only for speciality inks. For a larger range of colours, try your local craft supply store or online sellers.

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